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Siloxane Monitoring and Testing 

Alkali Environmental can offer a siloxane sampling and analysis service for quantifying the concentration levels of siloxane compounds in fuel gases of biogenic origin, such as biogases and landfill gases. 
Our business conducts siloxane monitoring by a method derived from the international standard CEN/TS 13649-1 with analysis by GC-MS at a UKAS ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory. We can report concentrations of individual siloxane species and offer a fast turnaround on results. 

Why Monitor Siloxanes? 

Certain compounds in fuel gases can be harmful to gas utilisation plant, reducing equipment lifespan and increasing the maintenance burden for operators. In particular, siloxanes in biogas and landfill gas can cause silica deposits to rapidly form in gas engines which has a negative effect on efficiency and emissions.t. 
Spark ignition engines fueled on gas with high concentrations of siloxanes can have significantly greater maintenance requirements due to reduced lifespan of lubricating oil, cylinders and heads. Activated carbon filters can be used to remove siloxane compounds from the fuel gas before it is burnt however effective management of the carbon and the gas is critical to its success.xt to edit it. 

Siloxane Sources 

Siloxanes are widely used in many products in the cosmetic and medical sectors, they have unique properties which make their use advantageous to manufacturers. Discarded products often end up in solid waste or in wastewater streams. At the resulting treatment facilities these products can then release siloxane compounds into gases when they degrade. For sites utilising gases for fuels this presents a problem as the siloxanes form solid silica when burnt, often described as coking in combustion applications. 


The following applications can benefit from siloxane monitoring: 
Monitoring raw gas supplied to landfill gas and biogas utilisation appliances such as engines, turbines and boilers. 
Determining if siloxanes are a factor in maintenance issues 
Sizing siloxane clean-up and abatement plant 
Monitoring raw and treated fuel gas before and after clean-up and abatement plant 
Determining effectiveness of the plant 
Verifying the lifespan of the adsorption material within the plant 


The following sectors can benefit from siloxane monitoring: 
Wastewater treatment sector 
anaerobic sludge treatment facilities 
Agriculture sector 
on farm anaerobic digestion plants 
Waste sector 
landfill sites with gas utilisation plants 
anaerobic digestion treatment of food waste 
Food manufacturing 
on site anaerobic waste treatment facilities 

Environmental Services with a Difference 

As your complete environmental compliance partners, Alkali Environmental gives you complete peace of mind over your business’ environmental considerations; you can be assured your obligations are being met in the most cost-effective way. As a client of Alkali Environmental, you have free and constant access to our industry-leading professionals. This helps you to make well-informed business decisions and to plan for the future. 
Our ex-environmental agency specialists are on hand - whether you have a question regarding annual returns, permitting or variations, a recent or forthcoming inspection, air, waste or waste water, permit breaches or regulatory enforcement. 
We are fully committed to delivering outstanding service by making our expertise count. 
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