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Odour Monitoring 

Odour monitoring identifies and quantifies the sources, magnitude and characteristics of the different odours present at a particular site. The process informs which odour control measures need to be put in place in different circumstances. For example, it is essential to control and manage odours in environments such as industrial and waste management sites. 
Odour Monitoring is measured in accordance with European Standard EN 13725 for dynamic olfactometry which is analysed by presenting the odour in various concentrations to a scientifically selected panel.  
The responses from the panel are used to calculate the odour concentrations in European Odour units (OUE/m3). 
Analysis of the composition of the air can be made using gas chromatography to identify specific compounds in the sampled air. 
The information gathered from odour monitoring can be used to optimise odour controls, comply with regulatory limits, predict and model the impact of the odour and maintain the performance of the odour controls. 
In addition to odour monitoring we can help you solve odour issues and write compliant odour management plans. 

Odour Monitoring and Assessment Services  

Alkali Environmental are experienced in conducting odour monitoring and odour assessments across all industry sectors, both from point and dispersed sources: 
Odour Monitoring to EN 13725 
UKAS Accredited Composition Analysis 
Odour Impact Assessments 
Fugitive Emissions 
Advice and Guidance 
Ambient Monitoring, Stack Emissions and Environmental Consultancy 
We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety in everything we do. All staff hold the following qualifications: 
MCERTS Qualified 
Source Testing Association Approved Industrial Risk Assessment Qualification 
CCNSG Safety Passport 
Safe Contractor Approved 
Emergency First Aid at Work 

Expert Advice and Consultancy 

Our clients have access to industry-leading professional help, as and when they need it. The team at Alkali Environmental offer tailored support to suit your business and its specific needs. We’ll guide you towards the most practical and cost-effective solution for your requirements and budget. 
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