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Stack Emissions Monitoring and Testing  

Alkali Environmental has established a reputation for delivering safe, reliable and accurate stack emissions monitoring and consultancy services across the United Kingdom and Europe. 
Our business offers a fast response to stack emissions monitoring and testing requests meaning that we are able to keep your business compliant with its permit and are in a position to help when things go wrong. 
Permitted sites under The Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations and The Pollution Prevention and Control (Scotland) Regulations that operate point source emissions to air are required to conduct periodic monitoring of the pollutants emitted.  
They are required to ensure that stack emissions monitoring or stack emissions testing is conducted in order to comply with emission limit values (ELV) in the permit to protect the environment, for the calibration of continuous analysers and to demonstrate compliance with environmental management systems. 
Alkali Environmental is UKAS and MCERTS accredited for sampling the most commonly regulated pollutants, see our emission monitoring scope for a full list of accredited tests. All our stack emissions monitoring services are delivered by MCERTS Level 2 Team Leaders in compliance with CEN, ISO and national standards, Environment Agency approved techniques and all equipment is calibrated and traceable to UKAS standards. 
As in all other areas of our work, the health and safety of our customers and staff is paramount. We have extensive processes in place to minimise risk, and our site staff hold CCNSG Safety Passports, STA approved industrial risk assessment qualifications and are first aid trained. 

Services Our stack emissions testing and compliance services include:   

Total Particulates - EN 13284-1 
Total VOC - EN 12619 
Organic Compounds (Specific VOCs, Formaldehyde & Aldehydes, Oil Mist, Tar & Bitumen Fume) 
Gas Velocity and Flow - ISO 16911 
Combustion Gases - NOx, NO, NO2, N2O, SO2, CO, CO2, O2 
Acid Gases & Vapours (HCl, HF, NH3, HCN, H2S, Sulphuric Acid mist, Nitric acid vapour) 
Metals - EN 14385, Mercury EN 13211 
Multi-Phase Pollutants (Dioxins & Furans, PCBs & PAHs) 
Particulate Size Fractionation - PM10, PM2.5, PM1, PM0.5 - ISO 23210 
CEMS Maintenance and Repair 
Plant Performance Certification 
Investigative Monitoring 
Compliance Monitoring 
Training and Guidance (Regulatory Compliance, EN 14181, OMA) 
Air Quality Assessment & Dispersion Modelling (Air, Noise & Odour) 
Process Optimisation 
CEMS Calibration 

Professional Help When You Need It Most 

As a client of Alkali Environmental, you will have access to leading industry guidance and support whenever you need it. 
Whether you need a fast turnaround for stack emissions monitoring or staff training for best operational practice, the team at Alkali Environmental are here. 
Book your free consultation today; we would be delighted to help! 
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