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Emissions Monitoring Accreditation Scope 

Alkali environmental has an expanding UKAS & MCERTS schedule of accreditation, which includes the most common tests specified in permits and authorisations issued by regulatory authorities.edit it. 
Our current UKAS MCERTS accreditation schedule is available on the UKAS website in PDF format. 
The full list of our accredited test methods: 
EN ISO 21877:2019 
PD CEN/TS 17405:2020 
BS EN 15058:2017 
US EPA OTM29:2011 
BS EN 1948:2006 
PD CEN/TS 17340:2020 
US EPA M26/M26a 
BS EN 13211:2001 
BS EN 14792:2017 
BS EN 14792:2017 
BS EN 13725:2003 
BS EN 14792:2017 
Oxygen (O₂) 
BS EN 14789:2017 
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons 
BS ISO 11338-1:2003 
Pressure, Temperature and Velocity 
BS EN ISO 16911-1:2013 
CEN/TS 13649:2014 
BS EN 14791:2017 
BS EN 1911:2010 
BS EN 13284-1:2017 
BS EN 12619:2013 
Water Vapour (H₂O) 
BS EN 14790:2017 
The stack emissions test methods are UKAS and MCERTS accredited when performed at customer sites. Subsequent analysis of captured samples is carried out in house for gravimetric samples and at UKAS accredited laboratories for other determinands. 
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