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Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) aims to control exposure to hazardous substances by preventing their release into the workplace atmosphere. The COSHH Regulations 2002 (as amended) oblige companies by law to have their LEV systems thoroughly checked. Regulation 9 (2) states that a thorough examination and test of all systems needs to be carried out at least every 14 months. Some systems that handle more hazardous substances such as those that can cause cancer or asthma (as per Regulation 6 or Schedule 4) may need to be tested more often as the risk of exposure is higher when the LEV fails. 
Thorough testing measures a range of parameters. It includes a visual inspection of the physical condition of the system and an observation of how the equipment is used by workers. The survey checks that LEV equipment is being used correctly, that it is working effectively and doing the job that it should. The report highlights any defects, including areas for improvement to the site. It gives a list of checks and required maintenance that your site can do in the interim. The HSE guidance book HSG258 and HSE guidance leaflet INDG408, outline more detail on this subject - how to buy and use LEV, and how the test should be undertaken. Our LEV testing is carried out by qualified technicians with broad ranging expertise in all types of LEV systems. 
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