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We work across the UK to provide specialist lighting assessments in accordance with industry and environmental guidelines. 
We use advanced computer models to analyse baseline and project-specific data to predict potential light levels and their impact in order to reduce nuisance complaints, costs, and unwanted planning delays. Our comprehensive services include external and internal daylight impact assessments, overshadowing assessments, and light pollution assessments among others. 
From our surveys and analysis, we provide every client with a bespoke planning report that can be used within an Environmental Impact Assessment. Our consultants also work with developers and architects to ensure buildings meet necessary sustainability and health & wellbeing guidelines. 

Lighting Services in Detail: 

External Daylight/Sunlight impact assessment in accordance with BRE 209 

Our assessments help establish if enough natural light is available for future occupants and existing neighbours, reducing the need for electric lighting. 

Internal Daylight Assessment for Planning Applications 

We can assess your proposed designs to ensure adequate levels of natural light will be let in, to help you achieve planning permission. 

Overshadowing Assessments of Outdoor Amenity Space 

Our consultants can determine if outdoor living spaces including gardens and play areas are exposed to enough natural sunlight. 

Daylight Calculations for the Code for Sustainable Homes 

We can help ensure your development gets the necessary amount of daylight to achieve the required credits for a sustainable home under BREEAM guidelines. 

Artificial Lighting Baselines Assessments 

This assessment can determine how any artificial lighting schemes may negatively impact the surrounding environment, and how this can be reduced and managed. 

Night Time Light Pollution Assessments 

We can advise on ways to reduce any light pollution created by your development.. 

Overshadowing Models 

We can produce detailed diagrams using state-of-the-art technology to advise on ways to maximise natural light in outdoor spaces. 


Mixed Use 
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Ground Remediation 
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